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Concrete Counter tops: Are They All They’ve Cracked Up To Be?

About six years ago the flood gates opened and the options for concrete countertops increased exponentially.  About 15 years ago, my clients would request countertop materials such as laminate, granite, tile, and solid surface.  Today, those options have spread to butcher block, glass, stainless steel, paper, vinyl, resin, tile and of course … CONCRETE! What […]

To Bidet or Not To Bidet? Time To Consider For Your Bathroom.

By Shad Johnsen CKD Is it Taboo to talk about the products that are designed only for private settings in our home?  Rarely do you find articles on toilets and bidets, though they are becoming increasingly more available. Usually there are more entertaining items to discuss.   This topic is more refreshing, if you will, […]

A Look Beyond The Glamour of The Parade of Homes

How to Appreciate the Beauty Without Overlooking the Quality By Shad D. Johnsen, CKD   With this article, I am venturing into sensitive territory.  Let me make it clear that my objective in writing this article is in no way a slander toward the builders, the parade of homes, or any other particular related professional.  […]